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Fire Ecology Press

The Tarot of Sorts - Hand Printed Edition

The Tarot of Sorts - Hand Printed Edition

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The Tarot of Sorts is a 28-card collage style tarot deck featuring vintage letterpress imagery. It features the 22 traditional major arcana cards, as well as 6 new "bonus" cards that were unlocked during its Kickstarter campaign. This listing is for a fully hand-printed edition of the deck, which consists of 28 pieces of original art, and it comes in a velvet pouch.

This deck was designed and hand-printed on vintage letterpress equipment at the Book Arts center in Buffalo, NY. It was the product of an artist residency Jameson Alea did there in early 2022. The hand-printed edition is part of a limited run of only 35 decks; no more can ever be made.

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