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Sator Square Letterpress Print

Sator Square Letterpress Print

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The Sator Square is the earliest known palindrome, and it has been found all over the globe, dating back to medieval times, the middle ages and even the ancient world: the oldest known instance of the sator square was found in Pompeii! But despite its incredible prevalence, nobody is sure what it means! it has been a powerful symbol of magic and mysticism for centuries, but many scholars believe that it was originally an ancient roman word puzzle of some sort. Words and letters have always had a lot of power, and I love this early example of how the alphabet and magic have always been intertwined in interesting ways.

This 5x7 inch print was hand-printed on vintage letterpress equipment at Book Arts in Buffalo, NY.

Please note: due to the handmade nature of this item and the vintage equipment it was made on, every poster will be unique and slightly imperfect.

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