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Psalm 88 - Gutenberg Bible inspired letterpress print

Psalm 88 - Gutenberg Bible inspired letterpress print

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This 11x14 inch print is the full text of Psalm 88, King James version, typeset in blackletter and formatted into three columns in a design that was inspired by Gutenberg's famous bible. It was hand-printed on vintage letterpress equipment at Book Arts in Buffalo, NY.

This was originally made to represent a Gutenberg bible "proof" print in a historical LARP, and as such, there are a couple minor typos in the text. They were meant to make it more authentic as a "proof" for the game, but now I am selling the extra prints at a discount due to the typos!

Please note: due to the handmade nature of this item and the vintage equipment it was made on, every print will be unique and slightly imperfect. Leather file folder not included.

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