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Fire Ecology Press

Handmade Tarot Cards: 1-Card Reading

Handmade Tarot Cards: 1-Card Reading

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You will receive 1 original hand-printed card from the Tarot of Sorts. The card will be intuitively selected for you, although you can indicate whether or not you would like the drawn to be done from the full Tarot of Sorts with all the bonus cards included, or from just the traditional 22 major arcana cards. (If you draw from the full deck, it doesn't mean that you WILL get one of the bonus cards, just that there's a chance. But I know some people would prefer not to have that chance.)

Your intuitively selected card will also include a short note from the artist with their interpretation of the card as a one-card reading.

Please note: due to the handmade nature of the original cards and the vintage equipment they were made on, every card will be unique and slightly imperfect.

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